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Breathing Space is a community dance film project with participants from the LGBTQ community. The project takes place in Tampere during spring 2022 and is supported by the Pirkanmaa Dance Center.

About the work

Breathing space is a community project that explores and makes visible the stories of members of the queer community through movement, creative writing and dance film work.

(What on earth is a dance film? They’re typically short film works that use dance or movement to explore a theme or a story.)

The workshops combine movement and writing. The aim of the stories and working together is to create a moving portrait of each individual; a film where you can be visible any way you wish.

The project will be carried out following a safer spaces policy. This means respect for all genders, sexualities, backgrounds, bodies and abilities.

The work will comply with the prevailing Covid restrictions and special attention is paid to Covid safety.

Who we are

Hanna Lappalainen (they / she) is a queer dance artist and filmmaker based in Scotland. Their artist work revolves around the themes of identity, language and equality. They’re interested in improvisation as a way of working, humour and humanity. Lappalainen is finishing their MA in Queen Margaret University and  divides their time between playing too much Candy Crush and then deleting Candy Crush from their phone ”for good”.

Noora Nenonen (she/her) has been a dance and community artist since 2005. She works as a choreographer, facilitator, and performer in various settings from contemporary dance to opera and community art. She’s interested in how bodies carry and express humanity and intimacy, and the relationship between movement and text. For Noora art is a way to ask, bring things forward and create change. She likes drinking tea, a good chat and colours of light.

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